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Mar 24, 2018

About Michael Blea

Thank you for visiting Michael Blea's page at 309 Yoga, the ultimate destination for health and wellness enthusiasts. Michael Blea is a highly experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructor who specializes in helping individuals achieve their wellness goals through mindful movement, breath work, and meditation.

Excellence in Health and Wellness

At 309 Yoga, we prioritize your overall well-being by providing a nurturing and supportive environment where you can explore the transformative power of yoga. Our classes are carefully designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Comprehensive Yoga Classes

With Michael Blea's guidance, you will experience the many benefits that yoga has to offer. Our classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and inner peace. Whether you're looking to tone your body, calm your mind, or reduce stress, our yoga sessions can help you achieve your desired results.

Hatha Yoga

In our Hatha Yoga classes, we emphasize the importance of aligning the body, mind, and breath. Through a series of gentle yet challenging postures, you will learn to cultivate mindfulness, improve posture, and enhance body awareness. This comprehensive practice promotes physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.

Vinyasa Flow

For those seeking a more dynamic and fluid practice, our Vinyasa Flow classes offer a seamless coordination of breath and movement. Michael Blea will guide you through a series of graceful and energetic sequences that help build cardiovascular endurance, increase flexibility, and ignite inner fire. Get ready to experience a moving meditation that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Restorative Yoga

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of deep relaxation and restoration is crucial. Our Restorative Yoga classes provide a sanctuary for relaxation and healing. Through the use of props and gentle poses held for an extended period of time, you will release tension, soothe your nervous system, and replenish your energy reserves. Prepare to surrender and let go, leaving the class with a profound sense of calm and tranquility.

Meet Your Instructor, Michael Blea

Michael Blea is a dedicated yoga practitioner with over 15 years of teaching experience. He is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga with his students. With his warm and compassionate approach, Michael creates a safe and inclusive space for individuals to explore their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Why Choose 309 Yoga?

At 309 Yoga, we believe that true health goes beyond just physical fitness. We offer a holistic approach to well-being, combining yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to nurture your body, mind, and soul. Our classes are designed to inspire and empower you on your wellness journey, regardless of your age, fitness level, or experience.

Join Us at 309 Yoga Today

Are you ready to embark on a transformative yoga journey with Michael Blea? Discover the numerous benefits of yoga at 309 Yoga. Enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being while finding balance and peace amidst life's challenges. Join us for a class today and experience the positive changes that yoga can bring into your life.

Vicki Little
Nice profile! Michael Blea seems like a fantastic yoga instructor. 🧘‍♂️🙌
Oct 16, 2023