May 12, 2022

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential with 309 Yoga's Youth Program

Welcome to KIDS ACADEMY, the leading youth program offered by 309 Yoga, a trusted name in the health and wellness industry. Our specialized approach combines the ancient practice of yoga, the power of mindfulness, and engaging physical activities, creating a unique experience that fosters overall well-being for children.

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga is not only for adults! At KIDS ACADEMY, we understand the immense value that yoga brings to a child's life. Through dedicated yoga sessions, children can enhance their physical strength, flexibility, and coordination. Our experienced instructors create a nurturing and non-competitive environment, enabling children to explore various yoga poses, learn proper breathing techniques, and develop body awareness.

The Power of Mindfulness for Young Minds

Mindfulness plays a crucial role in promoting mental and emotional well-being in children. Through guided mindfulness exercises, we teach children how to be present in the moment, manage stress, and regulate their emotions. By cultivating mindfulness at an early age, children gain important tools to navigate life's challenges with resilience and self-awareness.

Engaging Activities for Fun and Fitness

At KIDS ACADEMY, we believe that physical activity should be exciting and enjoyable for children. Our youth program incorporates a variety of engaging activities that promote fitness, strength, and body awareness. From dynamic games to creative movement exercises, your child will have a blast while developing essential motor skills and building a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose KIDS ACADEMY at 309 Yoga?

Qualified Instructors

Our passionate instructors are highly trained and experienced in working with children. They possess a deep understanding of the unique needs and developmental stages of young minds, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and guidance.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

At 309 Yoga, we prioritize creating a safe and welcoming environment for all children. Our spacious facility is equipped with child-friendly props and accessories, ensuring a comfortable space for kids to explore and grow.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our youth program follows a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We believe in nurturing holistic development and aim to provide children with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive.

Positive Peer Interactions

At KIDS ACADEMY, children have the opportunity to build friendships and connect with peers who share similar interests. We foster a sense of community and encourage positive interactions, helping children develop important social skills and a sense of belonging.

Join KIDS ACADEMY at 309 Yoga Today

Give your child the gift of a healthy and balanced life through our holistic youth program. At 309 Yoga, we are committed to providing an enriching experience that empowers and inspires children. Join KIDS ACADEMY today and watch your child grow both physically and mentally.

Contact us now to learn more about our program, schedule a trial class, or inquire about our other offerings. Together, we can nurture your child's full potential and set them on a path towards lifelong well-being.

Chip Obracay
The combination of yoga and mindfulness is beneficial for helping kids develop emotional intelligence.
Nov 13, 2023
Chris Perkett
This sounds like a fantastic program for kids to learn mindfulness and yoga.
Oct 31, 2023
I'm glad to see more focus on teaching mindfulness to children. It's so beneficial.
Oct 23, 2023
Jeff Sutherland
As a yoga enthusiast, I'm excited to see these practices being introduced to young minds.
Oct 8, 2023
Sean Wycliffe
The KIDS ACADEMY seems like a perfect place for kids to learn and grow in a positive environment.
Sep 17, 2023
Junior Shifflett
Incorporating yoga and mindfulness can empower kids to better cope with everyday stressors.
Sep 6, 2023
Samuel Adams
Parents today are lucky to have programs like KIDS ACADEMY to support their children's growth.
Sep 3, 2023
Kai-Hsing Yu
My kids love yoga! This program seems perfect for them.
Aug 1, 2023
Brian Stewart
I wholeheartedly support initiatives like KIDS ACADEMY that prioritize children's holistic well-being.
Jul 21, 2023
Serge Lobatch
I appreciate the effort to introduce kids to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness early on.
Jul 2, 2023
Callum Ball
This program has the potential to create a positive impact on kids' mental and physical well-being.
Jun 23, 2023
Jack Steele
Youth programs that focus on both physical and mental wellness are crucial for kids' development.
Jun 2, 2023
Tiffany Stone
As a parent, I appreciate initiatives like KIDS ACADEMY that focus on holistic development.
May 17, 2023
It's fascinating to see programs expanding kids' horizons beyond traditional education.
May 6, 2023
Kim Zemler
I love the idea of instilling healthy practices like yoga and mindfulness in children.
Apr 19, 2023
Chris Priska
Kudos to 309 Yoga for creating a program that fosters healthy habits in kids through yoga and mindfulness.
Apr 15, 2023
Adam Zucker
Programs like KIDS ACADEMY are vital in shaping a generation that values holistic well-being.
Mar 22, 2023
Julie Carney
🌈 It's refreshing to see programs like KIDS ACADEMY promoting well-rounded development for kids.
Feb 24, 2023
Lindsay Harvey
Yoga and mindfulness are important for children's overall well-being. Great initiative!
Feb 1, 2023
Dave Ratner
I've been looking for something like this for my child. Definitely checking it out!
Jan 31, 2023
Jeff Allen
Teaching youth the practice of yoga early on will benefit them greatly in the long run.
Jan 9, 2023
I like the idea of a program that introduces kids to mindfulness and yoga in a engaging way.
Jan 8, 2023
Michelle Capriotti
👍 What a wonderful way to help kids connect with their bodies and emotions through yoga and mindfulness.
Dec 27, 2022
John Fishell
Yoga brings a sense of calm and balance, which is valuable for kids' development.
Nov 16, 2022
Jeannie Retherford
I think it's crucial for kids to learn mindfulness to navigate today's fast-paced world.
Nov 16, 2022
Karin Stroobants
This program seems like a perfect blend of fun and wellness for the little ones.
Nov 16, 2022
Joe Butler
It's wonderful to see programs like KIDS ACADEMY nurturing the next generation's well-being.
Nov 12, 2022
John Giebel
As a parent, I am always eager to explore avenues that promote my child's well-being. This program seems promising.
Nov 8, 2022
Birhanu Gona
🌟 This is a great way for kids to build healthy habits and learn to manage stress.
Nov 1, 2022
Kirk Thrasher
The KIDS ACADEMY program seems like a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore yoga and mindfulness.
Oct 25, 2022
Kimball Stadler
I believe introducing mindfulness and yoga to kids is essential for a balanced lifestyle.
Oct 19, 2022
James Weber
Engaging kids in yoga and mindfulness is a positive step towards their overall growth.
Oct 1, 2022
Jeffrey Baldwin
The comprehensive approach of KIDS ACADEMY makes it an attractive option for parents and kids.
Sep 19, 2022
Adam McGillivary
I think every child deserves the opportunity to learn yoga and mindfulness. Kudos to KIDS ACADEMY!
Jul 24, 2022
Suzanne Wetzel
I believe introducing kids to yoga and mindfulness early on can help them navigate life's challenges.
Jul 18, 2022
Arie Arie
Encouraging children to practice yoga and mindfulness is an investment in their future wellness.
Jul 4, 2022
Daniel Reilly
Integrating mindfulness and yoga into children's lives can set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
Jun 22, 2022
Rose Spa
The combination of yoga, mindfulness, and physical engagement is excellent for child development.
May 20, 2022
Gunther Mertens
The program's focus on physical and mental well-being for kids is commendable.
May 20, 2022