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Aug 12, 2021


Welcome to 309 Yoga, your ultimate destination for exploring a diverse range of classes aimed at improving your health and well-being. Within this page, we will walk you through the incredible offerings at BKB, enabling you to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Importance of Health

In today's busy world, taking care of our health has become more vital than ever. At 309 Yoga, we understand this need and strive to provide you with top-tier classes designed to empower and enhance your overall well-being. Our dedicated instructors are experts in their respective fields, offering comprehensive guidance to help you achieve your health goals.

Class Options at BKB

At 309 Yoga, we offer a wide variety of classes to cater to different preferences and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, we have something for everyone. Below are some of the classes we offer:

Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga classes combine physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation to promote balance, flexibility, and calmness. Join us to experience the profound benefits of this traditional style of yoga.

Vinyasa Flow

Looking for an invigorating, dynamic practice? Our Vinyasa Flow classes synchronize movement with breath, allowing you to flow seamlessly through various poses. Build strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in these energizing sessions.

Yin Yoga

If you seek deep relaxation and restoration, Yin Yoga is an excellent choice. In this practice, we hold passive poses for an extended period, targeting connective tissues and promoting a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Power Yoga

For those looking to challenge themselves physically and mentally, our Power Yoga classes are just what you need. Expect a dynamic, fast-paced sequence that builds strength, endurance, and focus, leaving you empowered and exhilarated.


The practice of meditation is essential for cultivating mindfulness and finding inner clarity. Join our meditation classes to learn various techniques, foster deep relaxation, and enhance your overall well-being.


Discover the power of breath with our Pranayama classes. Learn different techniques that can profoundly impact your energy levels, concentration, and overall vitality. Harness the breath to promote balance, calmness, and a deeper connection with yourself.

Why Choose 309 Yoga?

With an abundance of options available, you might wonder why 309 Yoga stands out. Here are some compelling reasons to choose us:

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable, bringing years of experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to supporting your growth and progress, providing guidance tailored to your individual needs.

Welcoming Community

At 309 Yoga, we foster a warm and inclusive community where everyone is welcome. We encourage mutual support and a sense of belonging, creating an environment that nurtures personal growth and connection.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to enhance your practice. We provide a clean, safe, and inviting space for you to fully immerse yourself in the classes and make the most of your journey.

Variety of Class Timings

We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. That's why we offer a wide range of class timings, allowing you to find sessions that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Comprehensive Approach

At 309 Yoga, we believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being. Our classes not only focus on the physical aspect but also emphasize mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

In Conclusion

By choosing 309 Yoga, you are embarking on a transformative journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Explore our diverse range of classes, dedicated instructors, and welcoming community. Start prioritizing your health and well-being by immersing yourself in the enriching experience of BKB classes. Join us today and discover the incredible benefits that await you.

Rachel Pt
I appreciate the focus on improving health and well-being through diverse classes.
Oct 8, 2023
Duygu Akbayin
These classes at BKB are exactly what I need for a healthier lifestyle. Can't wait to try them out!
Oct 7, 2023
Michelle Chambers
These classes could be just what I need to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.
Sep 23, 2023
Seems like a wonderful opportunity for self-improvement through these classes.
Sep 18, 2023
The different class options offer the flexibility to find what works best for me.
Sep 17, 2023
Tori Marra
It's great to see a focus on holistic health and wellness through these classes.
Sep 3, 2023
Doug Jury
I'm actually looking forward to attending these classes to see what I can learn.
Aug 27, 2023
Mariano Suarez
I appreciate the efforts to offer diverse classes for the community's well-being.
Jul 21, 2023
Kimberly Pignataro, PHR
I'm curious to see how these classes can contribute to improving my health.
Jul 16, 2023
Wallace Wright
The dedication to health and transformation is evident in the diverse offerings.
Jun 23, 2023
Dennis Schaub
I'm excited to try out the yoga classes at BKB! 🧘‍♀️
Apr 20, 2023
Jimmy Mapugay
I've been searching for a place to explore different classes, and I think 309 Yoga is the perfect fit.
Apr 5, 2023
America Palacios
This seems like a sensible step towards improving my overall well-being.
Apr 4, 2023
Travis Clark
I'm interested in learning more about the different types of classes available.
Mar 7, 2023
Lina Nguyen
I'm eager to start my journey towards better health with these classes.
Feb 15, 2023
Brian Buettner
The variety of classes offered makes it easier to find something I'll enjoy.
Jan 6, 2023
Stiassni Laura
I'm excited about the opportunities for personal growth through these classes.
Dec 22, 2022
Colin Moore
A diverse range of classes means there's something for everyone's needs.
Nov 28, 2022
A.J. Gupta
I'm intrigued by the idea of embarking on a transformative journey through these classes.
Nov 27, 2022
Brian Veit
The diverse range of classes is exactly what I've been looking for.
Nov 10, 2022
Neal Sipress
I'm excited to try out the variety of classes and see what resonates with me.
Sep 26, 2022
Olivier Guicheney
The classes at BKB sound like an opportunity to make positive changes in my life.
Sep 5, 2022
Peter Awando
I'm hoping to find the perfect class that resonates with me and my goals.
Jul 6, 2022
Jack Field
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Jun 17, 2022
Melissa Degennaro
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Jun 10, 2022
Julie Huhn
The offerings at BKB are aligned with my goals for a healthier and more balanced life.
Jun 6, 2022
Eric John
Count me in for the journey towards better health and well-being.
May 30, 2022
Cameron Kinloch
I've heard great things about BKB classes and can't wait to experience it for myself.
May 2, 2022
Jason Oney
I'm looking forward to adding some variety to my fitness routine with classes at BKB.
Apr 9, 2022
Paul Drummond
Looking forward to exploring the diverse range of classes offered at 309 Yoga.
Feb 24, 2022
Aalaa Milagro
It's great to see a focus on well-being and health through these classes.
Jan 25, 2022
Lamont Wilson
I'm intrigued by the potential for a transformative experience through these classes.
Jan 22, 2022
Janice Shrm-Scp
The variety of classes reflects a commitment to serving diverse needs and preferences.
Jan 17, 2022
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Jan 15, 2022
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Oct 26, 2021
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Sep 29, 2021
Mohan Berry
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Sep 17, 2021