Elevating the Globe - Recycling Sari Skirts for a Sustainable Future

Dec 11, 2023


At Elevating the Globe, we believe in the power of yoga to create positive change in the world. As a business dedicated to spreading mindfulness and well-being, we strive to incorporate sustainable practices into every aspect. One way we do this is through our use of recycled sari skirts in our yoga apparel collection. In this article, we will explore the beauty, cultural significance, and environmental benefits of these unique garments.

What are Recycled Sari Skirts?

Sari skirts are traditional pieces of clothing worn by women in South Asia. They are typically made from silk or cotton fabric and feature intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Recycled sari skirts, as the name suggests, are skirts crafted from repurposed saris, giving them a new lease of life.

The Beauty of Recycled Sari Skirts

Each recycled sari skirt is a work of art, showcasing the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the region from which it originates. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns tell stories of ancient traditions and cultural celebrations. No two skirts are alike, making them truly unique pieces of fashion.

Cultural Significance

Incorporating recycled sari skirts into our yoga apparel collection allows us to celebrate and honor the cultural significance of these garments. We deeply respect the traditions they represent and aim to share that respect with our customers.

Environmental Benefits

By utilizing recycled materials such as saris, we contribute to a more sustainable future. The textile industry is known for its environmental impact, including water pollution and fabric waste. However, by repurposing saris, we help reduce the demand for new fabric production and minimize waste.

Supporting Artisans and Fair Trade

Another important aspect of our commitment to sustainability is supporting local artisans and fair trade practices. Elevating the Globe works directly with skilled artisans in South Asia, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. By purchasing our recycled sari skirts, you are not only supporting sustainable fashion but also empowering communities.

How to Style Recycled Sari Skirts for Yoga

Recycled sari skirts are not only beautiful but also versatile. Here are some tips on how to incorporate them into your yoga wardrobe:

1. Pair with a Simple Tank Top

To let the vibrant colors of the sari skirt shine, pair it with a simple tank top in a complementary color. This minimalist approach puts the skirt at the center of attention and allows for comfortable movement during your yoga practice.

2. Layer with a Lightweight Wrap

For cooler days or a post-yoga brunch, layer your sari skirt with a lightweight wrap or shawl. This adds an extra element of style and warmth while maintaining the elegance of the ensemble.

3. Accessorize with Natural Jewelry

To complete the look, accessorize with natural jewelry such as wooden or beaded bracelets and necklaces. This enhances the overall bohemian vibe of the outfit and provides a connection to nature.

In Conclusion

Recycled sari skirts not only add a touch of beauty and cultural significance to your yoga wardrobe but also contribute to a more sustainable future. By supporting Elevating the Globe, you are joining us on our mission to create positive change in the world through mindfulness, well-being, and eco-conscious practices. Together, we can elevate the globe and promote a more harmonious planet for future generations.